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Pork Pork fillet filled with pears

25.3. 2021

Author: Jaroslav Mikoška

Company: Retigo

Food category: Pork

Cuisine: Czech

Program steps

  • Preheating:
  • 300 °C

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Hot air
50 %
probe icon Termination by core probe temperature
probe icon52 °C
probe icon 200 °C
ventilator icon 100 %
ventilator icon 

Ingredients - number of portions - 4

Name Value Unit
pork fillet 700 g
pears 6 pcs
pork caul fat 1 pcs
lard 20 g
butter 100 g
chicken stock 400 ml
sugar 20 g
pear vodka 40 ml
sprig of thyme 1 pcs
salt 1 g
black pepper 1 g


Cut the some pears into the batons and stuff the pork fillet with them. Leave 2 hardest pears and blend the rest of the pears and cover the pork fillet with it. Take the pork caul fat and wrapp the pork fillet with it. Set the Retigo combi oven on hot air mode 200°C, core probe 52°C, place vision grill inside and preheat it. After preheating place the pork fillet onto the hot grill and fry untill the temperature is reached in the core. For the sauce peal the rest of the pears and cut into 1 x 1cm cubes. Fry the pears with half amount of butter, add sugar and make light caramel, put salt and pepper, leaves of thyme and add chicken stock, reduce to half, add pear vodka, mix well and switch off the heat. To thick the sauce add small cubes of butter into the sauce step by step.

Recommended accessories

Vision Grill