In a modern kitchen

In professional gastronomy, a professional kitchen device called a combi oven is often used to prepare meals. A gentle way of preparing meals, preserving a large amount of vitamins and higher nutritional value in prepared meals are one of the requirements in professional gastronomy. The combi oven offers many ways of heat treatment of dishes such as cooking, pre-cooking, steaming, stewing, baking, baking, low-temperature or slow baking, sous-vide, confit, smoking, drying, grilling, grilling, roasting, frying, poaching, blanching, regeneration, sterilization or shock cooling.

Why eggs

Eggs are known for their beneficial substances. They are an important source of protein, vitamins and minerals. Eggs should be on each of our diets. They are an important ingredient in the preparation of dough, desserts, spreads, they are used to thicken soups or sauces. They are also used in separate meals such as scrambled eggs or omelets. It serves as a supplement to vegetable salads or as a garnish for garnished plates. Due to their content of important and beneficial substances for the body, they are a great food for vegetarians who do not consume meat. In the shop, we most often come across chicken eggs, and recently there has been a growing interest in quail or ostrich eggs.

Recipes in which we can't do without eggs

Eggs are not just scrambled eggs or "ham and eggs". They play an important role in many recipes where they are not visible at first glance. Many people like eggs for breakfast in the form of scrambled eggs, such as "bull's eye", "ham and eggs", soft or hard eggs with a slice of fresh bread. Then there are omelets, pancakes or pancakes, where we also can not do without eggs. Eggs are needed in the preparation of liver dumplings, fish stuffing, puddings or the famous Italian carbonara sauce. Fish cakes or donuts called fiskake are popular in Scandinavian cuisine. The main ingredients are minced fish, maizena eggs and spices. In France, they do not allow quiche. It is a savory pie with eggs, cream, bacon and sometimes gruyère cheese. Pie, pie stuffed with meat or minced meat, eggs, fish, mushrooms, groats, rice, peas, strawberries is a Russian specialty. In the Czech cuisine in the Krkonoše foothills you will come across a traditional soup made of bread yeast with mushrooms, egg and cumin, and in Pardubice the famous Pardubice dumplings got their name. At Christmas, many Czech cuisines prepare egg cognac to welcome guests. We can't do without eggs when preparing homemade noodles, pasta such as cannelloni, gnocchi or when preparing desserts such as muffins, cupcakes, tiramisu, waffles…


Slow cooked egg with creamy dill sauce and boil…

12.4. 2021

Cuisine: Czech

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