Turkish cuisine

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Turkish cuisine

Turkish cuisine has undergone a long evolution. In it we come across elements of Arabic and Mediterranean cuisine, but also the influence of Balkan or Persian gastronomy. The dishes are mostly meaty, mainly lamb, mutton and chicken are used. The side dishes are most often rice, potatoes or vegetables. Turkish cuisine also liked the spicy taste in the form of Turkish chilli, which is not spared in dishes. Another widely used spice is coriander, parsley or cumin.

Recipes of Turkish cuisine

When Turkish cuisine is mentioned, many people think of kebabs in the first place. It is usually lamb or beef prepared on a spit. The preparation of kebab is similar to Greek gyros. We recognize several types of this dish. Döner kebab is prepared from lamb on a vertical grill and is served in pita bread with sauce, salad and other vegetables. Another well-known variant is dürüm kebab. It differs from the previous kebab only by pastries, the same ingredients are served in a bread pan or roll. Another specialty of Turkish cuisine is sazdrma. This is fried mutton or goat meat in oil, which is then dried in the stomach of the animal. Güveč is a designation for a stewed dish with rice. Of the sweet desserts and sweets, it is mainly halva, sucuk or baklava. Halva or halva is a well-known Turkish delight traditionally made from almonds, sugar and sesame oil. Sucuk is a Turkish confectionery that has jelly cubes on its side. Baklava is a very sweet dessert made of several layers of thin puff pastry. Slices of puff pastry are interspersed with chopped nuts, which are sweetened with syrup or honey. Turkish cuisine is famous for its dairy products, especially cheeses and yoghurts. Pinar is a Turkish company producing dairy products, mainly with pineapple and apricot flavors.

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